Thesis Data analysis

Dissertation Data Analysis is one of those services that require specialized efforts. We are adept at handling even complicated analysis and there is seldom any delay or variation from the deadline committed by us. You can ask for a revision to the data analysis chapter, within 14 days of getting the completed work.

What we can do for you
We are here to help you deal with any data analysis or statistics in your project. This can be from the shortest simple analysis of data or questionnaire analysis through to assistance with theoretical statistics at PhD level.
Your needs
You need to tell us exactly what you need and we will tell you how we can provide it. We have a wealth of experience and know that no two requests are exactly the same. See here for guidance to what we need.

Statistical statistical Packages

Our preferred software for general statistical purposes is SPSS (*see here for more information on SPSS) but we are familiar with many other packages so if you need to work in Excel, SAS or Minitab or indeed any of the other common packages, we can still help you.


Some people require a lot of assistance while others simply want a small amount of assistance to check, for example, that they are performing the right kind of analysis, the conclusions being drawn are correct, the conditions for any statistical test are being met..
We are happy to help in any case from basic statistical analysis to advanced, from simple to complex, from wanting a little advice to wanting your hand held as you work through the complete exercise. Please be assured that we have experience across the range.

Similarly, we can assist with the statistical analysis only, or, if you request it, the full programme of assistance from collecting data, inputting it into a statistical package, to its analysis and drawing conclusions right through to the write-up.

We appreciate we are dealing with students and so keep our fees to a reasonable level. Our fees are very competitive and we guarantee to deliver a fully professional service.


For some people confidentiality is a very important issue. Please be assured that we do not disclose any details about the work we perform for any of our clients, business or students, to anyone. You do not even have to identify your institution or indeed your full name. If requested, we will even keep your identity hidden from the statistician who deals with your project! Simply let us know if this is important to you.
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