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MTD Data analysis is a team of statistical consultants and data analysis specialists who perform who are statisticians, economists, cliometricians and informaticists and provide data analysis, statistical modeling and apply statistical techniques to serve the Research, business, technology, academic  and NGO communities.

As statistical experts, we work with large, medium and small companies and sometimes individuals. We analyze statistical data from any source, texture or context.

We offer a flexible data analysis service as no two clients have the same needs

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MTD is a data analysis service provider that offers a friendly, speedy, personal and cost-efficient analysis of data and statistical modelling consultancy services. We provide a flexible approach aiming to satisfy our clients' specific needs. We are happy to work with large and small projects. We offer flexibility and can adapt our methods of working to suit your requirements.

We offer a wide range of statistical services that have as a common element the challenge of becoming involved in data exploration and investigation in new environments and contexts.Read More >>>>

Our Profile 

MDT Data analysis is a member of the SASA 

MTD's purpose of data analysis and interpretation is to transform the data collected into credible evidence about the development of the intervention and its measure its performance.

 Our approach  

Our approach to the delivery of services is consistent with our value system and philosophy. It involves:
Responding to the varied specific needs and expectations of our clients Working systematically with our clients to identify the issues that inhibit the performances of their operations and to introduce the correct procedures and practices to generate efficient and effective improvements Firmly uphold the principles of partnership in our relations with clients, partners and employees.